There is a great organization here on Maui called Heroes on the Water. They take veterans out kayak fishing for a great day on the water. It starts with an early morning launch at various locations on the Island. They spend most of the morning fishing and when everyone returns early afternoon there is always a big BBQ that is amazing! It's just a fun day on the water with some amazing people. This is a bi-monthly event that is usually the second week of each permitting. Us here at Mano continuously sponsor this event and do whatever we can to help out. Local businesses donate food, drinks, kayaks, tents and much more. We love to come and shoot pictures of all the guys and gals launching and returning home. It's always nice to see what everyone brings back for a catch! We also shoot drone pics and video of all the participants. Whale season is just starting so we cant wait to have some encounters with them. It's just nice to be able to give back to the people who risked their lives to give us the freedom to do the fun things we love. Everybody wins and we are proud to be a continuous supporter.

If you would like more information about Heroes on the Water check out their Facebook page and follow the fun!!